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I was looking at the add on page and I'm really confused about what the current add ons do... from my understanding the ones there are for people IN Canada texting to people OUTSIDE of Canada. In a few weeks I will be traveling to Belize with my school to do some practicum work (4 week stay), and really want/need to be able to contact my family members. I am looking for a texting plan specifically. Is there a plan that I can buy for use while I am in Belize? I already have unlimited texts in Canada on my plan. Also, will I be charged roaming fees? I'm looking for my cheapest option here, but obviously need to be able to communicate with family while I am away. I currently have an iphone (don't think that matters though).

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No. Koodo does not offer plans to cover roaming anywhere but the US. Roaming text messages sent or received anywhere else will cost $0.60/message.
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There are no special add-ons for texting when travelling internationally (except to the USA). You will be charged $0.60/text (receiving and sending).
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Hi there, Timo and Quasarito are right! You'll also need to add the $3 LD Saver feature and the free "International Voice Roaming" to enable roaming outside Canada & the U.S.: http://koo.do/Im7Mcg. You can easily add both via Self Serve. For Belize, the zone 2 rates apply (see the link). Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.