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International talk/text/data (Italy, specifically)

  • 26 August 2014
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Hi everyone. I will be travelling to Italy in October for a week. I often travel to the US and use a T-Mobile pay as you go sim card for that (I bought it in person in the US and go down often enough that the credit never expires). I go fairly often so it was worth the hassle of seeking out a brick and mortar t-mobile store. This Italy trip is a 1-off, and I wonder if a roaming plan would be more convenient. I know some carriers offer truly international roaming plans that work in most of Europe, though they aren't cheap. Does Koodo offer a plan that works in Italy? Does the community here have any other suggestions for obtaining text/data in Italy specifically? I am thinking a Vodafone (or similar) SIM may just end up being the best/only way to go. Unlocked iPhone 4s

2 replies

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Unfortunately there are no European roaming packages with Koodo. The recommendation would be to get a local prepaid sim. I use this site when I travel http://prepaidwithdata.wikia.com/wiki/Italy
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Cheers, Thanks for clarifying Dennis. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something in Koodo's Add-Ons page. Thanks for the link, very helpful.