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international SIM card use

I need to have my phone unlocked in order to utilize the international SIM card I purchased for phone use during my Italy trip.

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What phone is it? If it is an iPhone, call Koodo (611) and they will unlock it for $35. If it is another type of phone, it is probably cheaper to go to a 3rd party unlock service, such as cellunlocker.net or unlockbox.ca.
It is an iPhone and I must say I am disappointed that I was not made aware of this when I went to our local Koodo outlet to inquire about purchasing an international service through Koodo which I was informed that you do not offer. I paid $59.95 through another provider who also yielded to inform me that I would need to get my phone unlocked until I was already in Italy and not able to use my phone. So, as it turns out , I have 6 days left out of 19 and cannot warrant paying the $35 to use the $60 that I have already spent. I will post this on line in order to assist others so they don't fall into the same trap. Another issue is that both Koodo and the international service provider keep telling me to phone for assistance... If my phone worked, I probably would have called.
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Am I the only one who remembers life before the cellphone era? Are you staying at a hotel? They have phones. Are you staying with friends? They probably have a phone. Pay phones can still typically be found in hospitals, shopping malls and airports. There are ways to call for assistance when your cellphone phone does not work.