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My daughter is heading to Europe on a school trip in April. I want to add an international plan to her phone while she's gone. There is only one that I see here.. 50 minutes, 50mb data, 50 outgoing texts and unlimited incoming.... This plan would work other than the 50mb of data... Is there a different plan out there that offers more data?? Wifi will be available at times where they will be, but I know my daughter and 50 my is not nearly enough. Any other ideas or options available out there????

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Which countries will she be going to if more than one? She's be better off if in need of actual amounts of data to get a local prepaid Sim card. 50mb isn't just not nearly enough; it's practically nothing.
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With the new legislation in place I'd recommend unlocking + taking a SIM card over there. You're going to save way more

Here's where to start to gather some information : http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/European_Union2

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@Dorinda: There's a dirt-cheap option, but it's a bit of a work-around. Good thing is time is on your side, as April is over a month away.
You could sign up with FreedomPop, and get a US phone number to use through their app, to use with a roaming SIM that'll cover USA plus most of Europe. You could have it delivered to an address in the US, or buy online via Amazon, eBay, etc. and pay them to ship it to you in Canada. The $0 monthly plan includes 200 MB roaming data, but after adding 10+ friends through their self-serve, you'll get 500 MB roaming data, plus an app with a US number for 500 minutes talk and 200 SMS (the talk and text, although through 3G, doesn't use up your data). The talk and text through the app work to call and text Canada as well. With this you get zero monthly fee, and you can get some free roaming data in Europe plus an inexpensive way to call Canada. If the free talk/text/data allowance isn't enough, you can get multiple sim cards (just make sure you only order one sim card per account to take advantage of their adding friends deal).