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Is it true that we cannot send/receive picture messages (MMS) to/from Denmark? We have Koodo prepaid and iPhones: 3GS and 5. Neither work. Plain text messages is also a bit hit and miss, but MMS seems to not work consistently. If it should work, what gives? Thanks

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This may be a problem with the carrier in Denmark. I have a friend in France who cannot receive international text messages, but I'm able to receive text from this person. Very odd.
Thanks. So the texting part is really odd as you say. However, I was hoping that the Koodo people might wanna earn their kudos by letting me know if I should expect MMS (sending images) to/from Denmark to work on iPhone 3GS/5 and if so how.
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Hi there, for international text messages, we can only guarantee service with certain providers. You'll find them on this link: http://koo.do/TAUO5h. If the providers your friends are using are not in this list, text messages might still go through but we can't provide support if they don't. International picture messages are never supported. If your friends are using a provider that is in the list and you're still having text messages issues, give us a call at *611, #6. We'll need their phone number and provider. Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.