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international data.

I paid for an international combo 40$. I am now in Europe and wonder if I use it the right way. Basicaly i turn the data roaming on when i need the internet. Is it the right thing to do? I checked my account and it says i did not use any international data. I have an IPhone 5. I also use the wifi everywhere i can.

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If you have a phone connection at all, then your roaming is set up. Using wifi as much as you can is the right thing to do. Checking your Koodo account will only show what data you have used that has been billed by the European supplier to Koodo and then charged against your number. There can be a considerable delay in this accounting. Reset your handset data counter to zero. Rely on this, because that gets updated in real time, regardless of billing concerns.

Overage charges can be steep. You are currently doing the right thing. Enjoy your trip.
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