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Inconsistencies in information that Koodo is relaying to me - shipping address problem

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What exactly is the problem, Jean? What did you order and what is wrong with the shipping address?
Although my permanent residence is in Quebec, I am currently on contract working in Nunavut. Since I am in pressing need of a new phone, I wanted to buy and ship the iPhone SE to where I'm temporarily located, but the online website wouldn't allow me. The Koodo call centre recommended contacting the Webstore, because from what I understood, they can circumvent this issue by sending an email to the warehouse requesting to ship my order to Nunavut right after I receive my confirmation number. I placed my order yesterday evening, and a Webstore representative, Alex, agreed on the phone to inform the warehouse of my new address before my iPhone gets shipped out this morning. However, at 9:30am today, I received an email from the Webstore stating that Koodo delivers everywhere in Canada except for Nunavut and NWT. They referred me to a link on the Q&A page online. During my multiple calls in the past few days with Webstore representatives to get information on my inquiry, not a single employee mentioned that Nunavut was excluded. In fact, I asked the question to Alex one last time yesterday before placing my order, and he specifically said that Koodo ships to Nunavut. Alex assured me that it would not be a issue, because although orders rarely have a Nunavut address--likely due to its low population--he has seen some phones shipped to the territory.  Moreover, prior to placing an order online, the website recommended that I check Koodo's delivery and shipping policy entitled "The goods on ordering and shipping." The page made no mention of excluding Nunavut. In fact, the only requirement was that it is a Canadian address: "About the shipping address. It's got to be Canadian - orders with non-Canadian addresses can't be processed. We can ship to P.O.Boxes." It is unrealistic to expect a customer to verify a company's Q&A page if the individual already found his answer on another official page precisely dedicated to his question. For the above mentioned reasons, it is my opinion that this is an estoppel issue. I appreciate anyone's help, and I hope this issue gets resolve soon.
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Hi there - we do in fact ship to Nunavut. It appears that it wasn't an Web Store agent that told you this info. - which in the end, shouldn't matter anyway, but just an FYI.
Someone will be calling you back shortly to get everything sorted and get your phone out to you. Apologies for the confusion. 
Thank you for the confirmation, Ranjan! Koodo might want to update their "shipping and delivery" Q&A page to prevent any future confusion: https://www.koodomobile.com/help/shipping-and-delivery