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In the app where do I go to preform the Reconnection from suspension for non-payment and/or what can I do to confirm that's the issue?

One day I noticed I had no service so I checked my self serve app and found that I had an out standing bill which is odd because I have prepaid authorized on my account. I pay the bill and two days later I still have no service. In the "before you call us" FAQs there is a Reconnection from suspension for non-payment section that says for that service I would pay $35 at either self serve or customer service but I can't find it in self serve. How can I find out if this is the problem and/or how can I pay the $35?

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Once your bill is paid, you need to call Koodo to get your service reactivated. You won't have to pay the $35 right away, it gets added to your next bill. But you just need to call Koodo once you've made your payment in order to get your service reconnected asap.
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If it says you can do so from self serve then you'll have to try it online at the self serve as I'm pretty sure that isn't available in the self serve app. However I think you have to call customer service to do this and that reconnection after suspension in self serve is only for if you yourself suspended your phone for being lost and such but I may be wrong and just never seen it.