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in London,UK. How to unlock iPhone 4S.

Hi. I am in London,UK. I have my iPhone but no SIM card. Left SIM card at home as I intended to buy local SIM card. Did not know phone needed to be unlocked. Tried to unlock online with self serve but cannot. How can I get phone unlocked? Suggestions please. Thanks. ...barry

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You need to call Koodo to unlock.  Then plug into itunes for the unlock to activate
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Hi Barry, Dennis is right! You can either call us at +1 647-788-4337 or send us an email via your Self Serve account http://koo.do/11eMLdy (via email, don't forget to mention you accept the $35 unlock fees). Thank you! 
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Also, you can also give them a call by Skype and using the normal 1866 number!