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imessage activation won't work

My imessage shut off randomly, and wont turn back on.. I am unable to receive text messages (so if there is a new activation code I cant get it) because I'm out of the country but my imessage has been working here for the past 3 weeks. Anyone know what to do?

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iMessage requires Internet, either WiFi or data. How have you been using it up until now? Data? You say you're out of the country, so are you roaming with Koodo right now or is your iPhone unlocked and you're using another provider out there?
I have just been using wifi, no data or anything and the phone has been working great! I don't have it unlocked. Just been using it with wifi.
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Have you tried just a simple re boot of your phone or even just turning the airplane mode off and than on again? The only other thing is you can go into your setting turn iMessage (and FaceTime) off Restart your phone and then go into your settings and turn it back on again.
Thank you, I have rebooted it a thousand times! Still not working.. I don't know what else to do.
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Unfortany because your out of the country this won't be a network issue. I would recommend possibly either trying to restore your phone. Which has helped me at times or contact apple support and see what they can do. Sorry I can't be much help.
Thank you, I'll be going into the ape store today! Thanks for your help 🙂