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Imei check says it should work but my micro sim still doesn't work.

  • 17 October 2015
  • 7 replies


7 replies

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The IMEI check does not check to see if the device is locked to another network.
Are you sure the device is unlocked?
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What error message do you get?
Did you try using any other sim in it.. Especially any friends koodo sim try it...try putting that sim in phone and activate it via iTunes it will work...
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The IMEI test page is largely fictitious. It will catch some egregious problems, but not others. If you have access to a Koodo boutique, get them to check out your handset with one of their sims.
Thanks for the support guys I tried as much as I could and I guess I was lie to when I bought it lol. I'm trading it for another 4s it's Telus it should work right ?
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Yes it should but you may have to add the appropriate APN information for koodo.
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Hey there Jackson!  Telus devices don't need to be unlocked for it to work with Koodo.  What error message are you getting?  Keep us posted!