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Im wondering if i can buy an Iphone 6s cash being a prepaid costumer

I want to get an iphone 6S, with koood, as im already a costumer prepaid one, but im not interested in a monthly because i dont use it that much, just texting and once in a while calls. But i want an iphone and i have the money but dont know if they would sell it to me, so i dnt have to go with the trouble of unlocking it.
Because if they dont i would buy and unlock phone directly on a macstore but is more expensive.
Anyone knows?

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I don't think so, because it's not offered on prepaid. You can ask for a postpaid model to buy outright, but there may be a $50 premium, and only certain stores allow this. It's not more expensive to buy it from the Apple store. It's the same price. In fact, you can get a factory unlocked model if you buy it there, and since it's directly from Apple, you can choose any storage size/color combination you want. I recommend buying it there instead.
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Yeah you can just only at certain locations.
call ahead of time to ask.
At my location you can buy phones outright for cash but its more expensive.

Just get one from apple, they come unlocked and are normally the exact same price.