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If my tab is 130 can How much do I pay for the iphone SE

Same as question, If I upgrade to the iphone SE (because I don't care for the black slate iphone 5S) and my tab balance is 130.39. How much would I pay for the iphone SE?
Will I simply pay less on the tab and still pay the 89$ upfront or can I use it as credit towards the upfront fee?

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If you have 130 positive balance you will pay 130$ less upfront
will there be any other surprise/miscellaneous fees?
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is that $130.39 a positive tab (as in you've had your phone over 2 years) or a negative/owing tab (as in you've had it less than 2 years and that's the remaining Tab owing, also called an early upgrade fee/early cancellation fee)?  If it's a tab Owing, you'll have to clear that up first.  If you go into a Koodo Kiosk/Store or a Multibrand Wireless Retailer (such as OSL aka Walmart Wireless, or The Mobile Shop inside most Loblaws branded stores - RCSS, Zehrs, RASS, LSL, some Fortinos) and get an upgrade, that $130.39 will go on your next bill and you'll start a new Tab.  Right now the SE is around $220 in-store on the Regular Tab and $100 on the Tab Plus.
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if you want a new SIM card, they've gone up to $10 at most shops, but the SE does take the same SIM size (Nano) so you don't have to replace it
k so the plan I want is only available at best buy, 60$ unlimited minutes and 1g data. If I want that deal I have to upgrade to a new phone since they cant change my account without an upgrade
my tab is 130.39 positive and the iPhone SE was recommended as the 5S thumb print is buggy. If I get the 60$ plan on tab plus, with my positive tab balance,  how much will my bill be?
I have no idea how tab plus works I've never used it.
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The cost of your bill will be 60$ (plan) + 21$ (tab plus) = 81$ + applicable taxes. The positive tab balance will only affect the price you pay upfront for the phone. If the iPhone SE would've been 200$ upfront, because you have 130$ tab, you would only need to pay 70$.
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If you use "Tab plus", you will need to change your plan to one of Tab plus plan which start from $69/mo ( 1 GB + unlimited minute)

iPhone SE 16 GB is $604 and use your $130 positive tab = $474
If you use Tab plus:  
You will pay $0 upfront +Your monthly charge will be : $69 plan + $19.75 tab fee = $88.75 for next 24 months
(Or $69 plan + $21 tab= $90 for 23 months? i'm not sure)

If you use the tab :$220-$130= $90 upfront
 + your monthly charge will be: your current plan price + $15 tab fee
If you want to switch to $60plan( 1000 min + 2GB) >  +$75/mo for next 24 months