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If I buy a third party unlocked phone will my plan stay the same?

So my phone broke today and I planned on buying a phone from a friend. It is unlocked which means I could put my SIM card in it and it should work. But it is a 5s and I had a 6. Will I have to change my phone plan because it's a different phone? Ps my iPhone 6 is paid off with no tab so that's not an issue

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Hello Jordyn,

You'll be happy to know that an unlocked iPhone 5S will work with Koodo and you will not have to change your SIM Card since they both use Nano SIM Cards. Using your own phone will have no impact on your current plan.

Let us know if you have more questions! 
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Agreed with Tayeb. Only thing is, by using a new phone, if you see your usual data usage increases or decreases substantially, you may want to revisit which plan is best for you and switch to the most appropriate one to suit your needs via self-serve. Migrating your Koodo sim to a different phone, however, will not trigger a change in your plan.
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You plan is actually tagged to your SIM. You can change phones at any time as long as they are unlocked and the SIM slot is of the same dimension. Even then, you can purchase a new SIM and transfer your plan to that one.

If you had still owed some payments on the tab, you could just continue them on the usual basis without penalty or need to advise Koodo.

Tip for setting up any replacement phone or something new out of the box: it might be a good idea to limit your data use to free wifi for a while till updates are complete. No point in chewing thru your mobile data more rapidly than required.