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If a buy an iphone that is for use on the telus/koodo/PM network, can i buy any plan with it?

As in like, say I find an iPhone off of kijiji and it says it can be used on the network; can i bring it to the store and get any plan I want?

I am buying the phone for my boyfriend's birthday, and want to make sure it works. or else i will go unlocked

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In most cases, Telus/Koodo phones are interchangable on both networks. Unlocked phones are one of the best ways to go due to simplicity and assurance that it will work. Yes, you can then select any plan you want and activate the phone with Koodo
thank you very much for answering! 🙂
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Beware of buying secondhand devices. Try and test it out before you leave and make sure they have the original box.
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Another crucial tip is to check and see if the IMEI of the device is on the blacklist http://www.protectyourdata.ca/check-the-status-of-your-device-in-canada/ A phone reported as lost of stolen cannot be activated again.
Thank you guys but I know about the risks of buying off there. 🙂 I've done extensive research! Don't want to get scammed, that would suck 😞
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Actually, whatever you do, they can always report it stolen/lost a few days/weeks/months/years down the road. There is also a big loophole with Koodo&TELUS Self Serve/My Account, which basically lets anyone report any IMEI stolen/lost, and get it blacklisted on all carriers in Canada.
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It'll work for sure, but why not unlock it? Might as well.
I'm already aware of the risks im taking by doing this, thank you though! 🙂 ive bought phones off there successfully (I know, case by case basis). Either that or I'll look for retail places that sell refurb. Are those places a better bet?