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iam trying to activate my new sim card as prepaid but it dont let me continue when it comes to the phone number

  • 5 February 2016
  • 8 replies

i want toi activate my prepaid card and when i come to the Phone number wich i want to choose it dont let me continue

8 replies

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Can you be a little more specific? Is there no next/continue button? Is it an error message? A screenshot would help.

how do i transfer the screen shot

it just dont let me continue when i click continue it dont do nothing anymore
no error or anything

from here i cant continue nothing its like its death
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Hey Matthew! Which browser are you using? Our website is optimized for Google Chrome (koo.do/1KAU1Yu) Mozilla Firefox (koo.do/1D3lehJ) Internet Explorer (Preinstalled on PC) and Safari (Preinstalled on Mac). Make sure that you have the latest version downloaded. If you already use one of these browsers, try clearing the cache and deleting cookies then give it another try a bit later. Keep us posted!
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Hey Matthew! Were you able to activate your new prepaid phone?