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I want to upgrade my iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6. I will need a new SIM card. Can I keep my current inexpensive plan?

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As long as you either buy it outright from the Apple store or take the "regular" Tab of up to -360 off the device (then add $15 for the Tab charge), then yes. Tab Plus requires a Tab Plus plan.
Thank you.  I should have explained that I have opportunity to purchase a used iPhone 6 (presently locked to another provider).  I'd like to stay with my Koodo service plan though.  I know I would have to pay a fee to have the 6 unlocked but I think that the SIM cards are different for iPhone 4 (my current phone) and iPhone 6 so wonder if that necessitates changing my service plan.
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In this case, no it doesn't. All you need to do is buy a new Nano SIM when you buy the iPhone 6, then log into Self Serve and activate it there. Everything else stays the same. Also, please please buy a Telus or already unlocked model because it will cause less headaches for you. Unlocking an iPhone through a third party is going to be upwards of $100.