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I want to upgrade and I want to be able to transfer the tab to the next bill so when I go to get the phone I can get it right away then pay.

I tried paying off my remaining tab balance on self serve and it said "based on this pr. ofile you aren't able to pay off balance because" and I called customer service and they said it won't let them transfer the remaining tab on the next bill and Iwant to upgrade.

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Hi Sasha,

You can go to a Koodo kiosk and do the upgrade there. You can choose to pay the phone outright and not even have to change a thing about your existing tab. If you want to use a new tab, then they will get you to pay it off while your there. 

When you spoke to the associate, did he say why you wern't able to pay off your tab?
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If you go to a multibrand wireless retailer you can just have your existing Tab added to your next bill
Jru Gordon thank you. I will do that indeed.
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Because.... why?