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I want to unlock my iphone 4s

I had a postpaid contract for 24 months with koodo network, but is ended now. My iphone 4s is know locked, and i want to unlock it and use it on European network. I want to pay and get code for unlocking. Thank you

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Just call Koodo at *611 from your Koodo phone and they can unlock your iPhone for you. It'll cost you $35 thats charged to your next bill.
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Just a reminder for the future that you don't have to wait until the 24 months are up to request unlocking. You just need to have been a customer for at least 90 days and in good standing (timely payments). Enjoy your trip.
But the phone is in Europe, I want to use it here, and I don't have any koodo sim cart here, am not on koodo network and billing any more. Can I unlock the phone on a different way, for example with some codes from internet. If you know, send me link.
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Then koodo can't unlock it for you. They have to be able to bill you.

You'll need to purchase from a third party which could be expensive. Check ebay