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I want to switch 3 phone lines from Bell. I might still owe for my phones. Does Koodo help with this?

  • 7 October 2019
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I'm done with Bell due to their predatory overage charges and multi-level incompetence. I've got 3 lines I'm considering switching to Koodo. I've already confirmed the #'s can port over. Question is: I'm not sure how much I still owe for my phones. Does Koodo help with this in any way to make it easier to switch?

5 replies

Thanks for the tips!
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As well, don't forget to do some referrals.
If you don't know anyone with Koodo, at the very least your can refer the 2nd and 3rd lines which means another $100 in savings. [$5 bill credit/month for 5 months x 4 (if you refer yourself)]
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@rkooy If you buy online you save the activation fee for each line. Over $100 save just on that.
Yeah, makes sense; just wondering if there's any incentivizing going on to any degree...
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No sorry Koodo doesn't pay off Bill's with other carriers for service or phones. You can bring those phones to koodos service though just get them unlocked by your carrier now pay them off and then make the switch.