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I want to sue Koodo, help!!

I've been dealing with a problem that's lasted for about 6 months now. My mom paid a fee of 260$ by Cheque, she called Koodo to confirm they got it and they said they lost it. My mom paid again by credit, Koodo HAS proof of this. Koodo called my mom and said that they also found the Cheque and her account had about 180$ left (assuming she used 80$ for some other fee). Now when we speak with Koodo they say this extra 260$ by Cheque doesn't even exist. Because I thought we were good for 3 months due to the extra credit we hadn't paid our bill of 127$. They turned off my phone and I told them I'd speak with someone else just please turn my phone back on! I have important calls I need to make! That right there is another 35$ apparently. The 127$ fee turned into 200$ because they gave us a week to find proof of the Cheque payment. Well I found it. I'm ready to file a small claims court here in Ontario. The original 260$ plus 35$ for the inconvenience of turning my phone back on due to their inproficiency, lastly the charge for September waived. I'll also charge the 75$ it cost to take this to court and the 300$ it cost our family to deal with this issue. Here's proof my mom sent a Cheque to Koodo that they claim isn't on their file.

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I'm sorry to hear about what happened with the cheque and it not working for payment. However, this forum is extremely limited in what can be done about billing disputes. We can explain wha or why happened and such but billing disputes are handled by calling customer support. It looks like you've spent the considerable amount of time on th phone an hsv bee unable to get resolution. You said that Koodo gave a week to find proof and you did find it but what happened after? Might I suggest for the future paying via your bank online and retaining the confirmation number ? With that there is nothing missing and an electronic trail that's all but impossible to lose. The confirmation number becomes you saviour
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Hey S Isse,

Since we cannot discuss payment information on the Community for security reasons, feel free to send us a private message on Facebook or a direct message via Twitter so we can look into this.

We look forward to assisting you!