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I want to keep the same plan that I have before

I'm looking to upgrading my phone from a 5c to a 6. I'm willing to sell my old phones to pay off my tab then make the switch for the 6. But the problem is that I want to get the same plan that I have of $29/month with tab. The only option that's giving me is the Tab plus that totals my monthly payment of $80/month. I just want to keep the same plan for 29/month + $21 for tab.

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You dont need to get the tab plus.  You can get it on a regular tab too (note the new tab is really a payment plan since you pay back the full subsidy which is different from before)
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Hey JR! If you want to take the iPhone 6 on a Tab Plus, you would need to take one of our Tab Plus plans. If you would rather keep your $29 plan, you can! You can upgrade on a regular Tab and subsidize $360, the difference would need to be paid in store. Hope this helps! 🙂