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I want to get the iPhone 5S but I can't get the same plan?

When I heard from my Koodo dealer that the iPhone 5s price has dropped from 365 dollars to 130ish dollars, I went on the Koodo site to see for myself and sure enough, it is right. I went ahead and did the purchase but not really going to confirm it because I want to see the cost and the monthly payment. When I tried to get my current plan with the phone, it didn't allow me and suggest I go with a 59 dollar plan which is the cheapest for smartphones. I really don't like this because I'm paying 59 plus the tab so that's 80 a month. I want to continue with the plan of $29/mo with 21 dollars tab for my new phone.

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Look at the following. Not everything is advertised.


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JR, the 5S for $130 is with TAB Plus plans indeed. Which means you do have to pick one from that from that group of plans. You can keep your $29 plan however you would have to have a greater up front down payment towards your new phone. This would also lower your total monthly payments though, which is great.  After 24 months your monthly payments would drop again as you no longer payback the TAB.