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I want to get an iphone 5s but am wondering if i have to have data in my plan?

  • 26 July 2014
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4 replies

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No you don't need to get a plan with data
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90% of the current plans have data included but there's no restrictions on which one you take.
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As Dennis and Jonathan said, you don't need data... but if later you find that you do want it after all (and with an iPhone, I just can't imagine that you wouldn't want data at some point), you can change your plan for free once per billing cycle 🙂
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there is currently a $29 plan that exists on the market. The plan includes no data. If you wanted the Iphone 5s on that plan, it would cost you $575 on a tab small, and $350 on a tab medium ($5 increase on your monthly bill).