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I want an iphone without paying 75$++ a month.

  • 4 December 2013
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hi, i have the Samsung galaxy ace 2 but really don't like it and want to change to the Iphone 4s but I dont want to pay 75$++ a month. Would I be able to keep a plan of 30-40$ a month like i'm paying now? And can I get the Iphone using the medium tab? and how exactly does that work? Will I have to pay something upfront? I've asked around and keep getting different replies.

4 replies

Perfect, thank you so much!
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Ah, of course you can take it on Medium Tab. The website only shows the Tab L price because Apple wants it that way. Here's what happens: 1. You'll go into a store and request an upgrade. You must pay off any negative Tab first. You can pay off your Tab in Self Serve before even going to the store, or you can pay off your Tab immediately (Koodo shops only) or have it invoiced to you (the preferred method, available everywhere). 2. You'll pay $150 upfront for the iPhone 4S 8GB if you take the Medium Tab (the overall best value, in my opinion) if your plan is above $30 already. You'll have a $5 Tab charge added onto your plan until your Tab balance reaches 0, which is now calculated at 15% of your plan (Koodo pays) + Tab charge (you pay) + any residual amount to make sure it's cleared before 24 months (Koodo pays again). Since the iPhone 4S uses a micro SIM card, they'll activate that for you during the upgrade process. Have them make a test call before you leave. Make sure that if you are changing your plan, that you understand the proration that will occur if done before your billing cycle.
You can keep your plan as long as it's over 30$ On order to get to tab medium you'll have to vis...thanks a lot!
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You can keep your plan as long as it's over 30$ On order to get to tab medium you'll have to visit a kiosk or retailer like Mobile Shop You'd have to pay off your current tab if you have a negative balance. That you can push to your next bill. You'd also have to pay the difference between tab medium and the cost of your phone upfront You can offset some of these cost by selling your old phone online on eBay or kijiji