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I want 2 phones with one combined plan

I'm looking at buying 2 phones - for myself and my hubby, we will also need a plan. How do I do this? Every time I add a phone to my cart it doesn't let me.

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Koodo doesn't do combined plans.  Each phone will have it's own plan with it's own minutes and data.
yes so you know what each bill is!!

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To do this, purchase your first phone and plan, pay for it, then go back and do the same thing one more time! You will have 2 separate lines but connected by one account and have one bill to pay.
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You can have up to 5 lines on a Koodo account (up to 3 lines until the account is at least active for 90 days).
Each line would have its own plan. They can all be on the same plan if you put them on the same plan while that plan is available.
There are no shared data plans@Koodo. Only Rogers/Bell/Telus offer that. Hey, the bigger brands have to save something for themselves 😮
If your lines don't include unlimited nation-wide calling, calls between lines on a given account are unlimited.
Hope that helps.