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I terminate my plan and I am not in Canada. How can I pay my last bill?

I terminate my plan and I am not in Canada. How can I pay my  last bill since I am not able to pay it online?

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If u mean u cant pay it via self serve, then pay it through ur online banking you should still have ur account number. Add it as a bill and pay it that way. Or call customer care and pay it via the phone with a credit card if they will let u.

If u have access to this site, u have access to paying it online. Last resort u could always mail in a cheque though not recommended.
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@ Navid I see you logged into your account yesterday, so access is not the issue. Your payment has not gone through though as there seem to have been some issue the payment method you chose.
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Hey Navid! Just to clarify if you are paying with an international credit card you must contact our payment services team over the phone in order to register it first for it to work.  Also, you can only pay through online banking with a Canadian bank account. Hope this helps.