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I preordered the iPhone 7 yesterday, could I cancel it and get it in-store tomorrow instead?

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Hello Marc. 

You'll need to contact the Web Store for more information on your order.
You can call them at this number: 1-844-566-3697 (Tuesday to Friday 3pm - 9pm EST)

You can also email them at this address: koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com

Hope that helps 🙂
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I don't think you'll have much luck picking it up in store. If you got a pre-order, hold onto it. The phones are pretty much all sold out now. 
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Yeah I wouldn't cancel that pre order just for the chance they have one at store. Which probably won't happen anyways unless your in a big city then there who knows. As Mathieu said the phone is hard to come by and if u cancel it could be months before you get one.
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Hi Marc,

Certain Koodo locations does not have any iPhone 7 in-stock. I would call in first before buying in-store. I suggest keeping the pre-order just in case. 
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If you ordered an iPhone 7 Plus then definitely do not as Apple has come out and stated that neither the Jet Black iPhone 7 or any iPhone 7 Plus models of any color will be available in store anywhere in the entire world. Apple back at it again making fake shortages to increase demand SMH.