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i Phone is disabled connect to iTunes and on hold for help from koodoo

Got a message today that iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes and screen is not cooperating . I visited the Koodoo store on Wellington in Verdun and the rep to me he had never seen this message before. He suggested I go else where for repaires and then bye a second phone. WTF 

Loyalty doesn't seem important for this phone company at all.

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What do you mean, loyalty? Is the phone still under warranty? If so, you can have it repaired by Apple. If not, you can find a third party repair service to have it looked at. I don't see where the rep was in error in his reply to you.
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Very unusual message. Can you provide more details?

It might be worth restoring from an iTunes backup, if you have one.

See this link, or search on the Internet using the term iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes for a number of solutions.