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I phone 5 C

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Buying from a person who lives in my building: she said her contract was up so how do i transfer the phone over to me to be on prepaid. thanks and it can not be unlocked for 3-5 months rep said I have to have an account in order to be billed for it so I may need 80.00 to cover this for prepaid cards. since they dont take Visa debits from banks Also how old are the 5C i phones?? 

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Hey Rodney2016,

Your seller should be able to unlock this phone (http://koo.do/1q5gyTB) for you and you just have to reimburse the unlock fee. If you want to use this phone with your prepaid account, you just need the appropriate SIM card (nano SIM). The iPhone 5C has been launched by Apple on September 10, 2013. However we can't tell you exactly how old this phone is (the one you're buying).

Hope this helps

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so I have to be a prepaid customer for 3 months in order to get it unlocked? or 2 months. I dont think that right I should be able to have 1 month of service then pay 50 on account to get it un locked or am I miss understandiong? 
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The previous unlocking link was for the seller of this phone (postpaid customer). As a prepaid customer, if you buy this phone, you should be able to unlock it immediately :http://koo.do/1bcvCKt.