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I paid prepaid koodo for a month and it's valid until Feb 13th. It didn't activate when I activate the sim card and I emailed to koodo.

I was told it would work when I emailed this to koodo and they told me how to set it up by going to the  setting but it's not still working. How can I activate?

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Hello Sophia.

Did you activate it here : https://activateprepaid.koodomobile.com
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Hi Sophia - I'm not understanding your issue and am unable to find an account matching your name or email address.
Are you a current Koodo customer? (Have you already activated a phone with us?)
If so, are you on a monthly plan or prepaid?
If not, are you looking to get/set-up a new phone?
What exactly is valid until Feb. 13 - are you referring to a promotional offer?

If you can share some more details, we can help you out.