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I Paid My $15 But It's Not Working

After paying my $15 prepaid bill for my phone, I received confirmation that I had topped up my account. I. Until, I checked my email. I had received an email from koodo saying my phone had not been paid for & that my current plan would expire on December 13th if I didn't reactivate my $15 plan. I did retry entering the code, of which had been already used (by me of course) I would really appreciate some help in the matter to get this resolved. Thanks

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Best to check with Koodo customer service directly. *611

When it comes to individual account transactions, we are volunteers here and have no access to anyone's personal business, as it should be.
Oh,no. I didn't get contacted by any Koodo member directly, I just got an update newsletter on my account saying that I had not yet paid my $15..But, the issue has been resolved, thanks 🙂