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I ordered a phone Dec 5th and I havent received an email with shipping info yet (Dec 9th).


I ordered an iPhone SE through koodo online and I haven't received any shipping confirmation email with tracking info yet. I spoke to someone at a Koodo Kiosk and they said it normally takes only a couple days for the phone to be delivered once ordered online. I understand that it is the holidays but its been 4 days and no news. Does it normally take this long to get even the shipping confirmation email? I don't have a working phone nor do I have a drivers license (which is why I ordered online and not in person) and I need a phone to work.

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https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/delay-in-processing-koodo-web-store-orders There's a delay in processing and the above link will explain what's going on. Multiple forms of ID are accepted. Are you in a province without provincial I'd as a substitute for a driver's license or did you just never get anything else?
Im in Quebec and for the longest time my health card was accepted as id since it has by birthdate and my picture on it, but not recently.

I saw that link on another post right after I submitted by question. Thanks for digging it up!