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I need a Koodo Mobile Prepaid Nano Sim card for my i-Phone 5s

[b]I'm waiting for at least 2 weeks but your accessories section is still offline... "There's no Koodo Shop in my city & around.." is there a way to buy and ship me one ?

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you can call koodo *611
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Hi there, phones & accessories can't be ordered over the phone. Our webstore is still unavailable but it seems that it will be back in a few weeks (we don't have a ETA though). Some members of the community have bought sim cards on ebay in the past, you might be able to find one there. Just make sure to buy a prepaid SIM card as they are different than on postpaid. Thank you!  
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Where are you located?
There are plenty of other places that sell koodo cards.
I'll have a look for you