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I'm over Koodo.

  • 19 November 2015
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I just attempted an upgrade to a Iphone 5s.  I was so disappointed to learn that after 7 years of being a committed customer, their new Tab Plus garbage has left their faithful customers in a bind.  I don't upgrade on a whim.  My old phone was in great condition but could not support the new upgrades to the OS.  Having to go in and get a new phone meant a huge $15 more a month financial commitment.    I guess I don't have a question, just regret, regret that I have referred two people in the few years that I have been with the company.  I am no longer singing Koodo's praises.  There is no difference between them and all of the other opportunist crook phone companies.  What a let down.  They promised they would be different.

17 replies

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Hey Christal,

Yes they are like anyone else. However, they also allow the flexibility to pay what you want when you first get a phone. If you want to only finance 100$, or 200$, or 400$, they allow that flexibility. With that flexibility, you can decide if what you want to pay upfront, and how much you want to pay monthly. Other providers don't offer that kind of flexibility. 
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To clear things up Christal, Koodo's not trying to make upgrading difficult to their committed customers. They actually lowered the price of all their plans for this. 

The reason why your monthly bill will increase by $15 is we're getting a new phone. These phones cost money and in many cases a lot of money. If you cannot afford the device you're wishing to upgrade to Koodo will put the cost of the phone onto a Tab that you pay back over 24 installments. 
Industry standard is to hide this device cost into the service rate plan but Koodo (and many others) see this as very misleading. Koodo shows clearly the cost of the device and lets us choose how we can afford it. 

Keep in mind that if increasing your monthly spend by $15 for a brand new upgraded phone is too much, you can always work out a cost thats affordable and pay the difference for the device when you upgrade.

Hope this helps !
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To clear things up Christal, Koodo's not trying to make upgrading difficult to their committed cu...Lowered the price of plans? Not really. The prices increased sharply, then fell slightly. Still more expensive overall.
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To clear things up Christal, Koodo's not trying to make upgrading difficult to their committed cu...Remember 3 years ago? 6gb for 60 bucks? Ever seen the prices on Saskatchewan and Quebec? Cheaper than Ontario and other provinces. I didn't see any reduction! The infrastructure is more developed now than it ever was. The prices should be lowered to reflect.
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Yeah, Koodo's new tab system sucks
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Yeah, Koodo's new tab system sucks It's pretty clear and straight forward. What I think sucks is realizing how expensive phones really are
Yeah, Koodo's new tab system sucks I don't agree Taylor. Yes their plans may have decreased, but I don't recall getting a notification of a discount on my current plan. So you can save me that discussion. For new members it might be ideal. I'm talking about existing customers who have not made any changes except for the new phone. Which my POSTIVE tab balance should've taken care of. You are talking about apples and oranges now.
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Yeah, Koodo's new tab system sucks You won't get a notification of a discount on your current plan. You'd have to actually switch to a new one to see the difference. You may want to do the math on new plans + Tab charge vs. Old plans + Tab charge. It might end up being only an extra $5 or $10 instead of the $15 you think it is. However, if you have something like the 6G super plan or the $56/2GB 2012 promo, then unfortunately you don't really gave a choice because those will really never be seen again. You're better off staying and sucking up the difference because no provider has anything close to that these days.
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Yeah, Koodo's new tab system sucks Not at all Christal. First, you're free to change your rate plan at anytime. No business is going to notify their customers that they can pay less and get the same service. 

Existing or new customer the changes effect the customer the same (besides loosing the 10% old discount program).

How much positive Tab balance did you accumulate Christal? This Tab balance can still be applied to the cost of your next phone and will help lower the monthly fee. Again remember your simply paying for the cost of the device itself. The service charge will either stay the same or be lowered
Yeah, Koodo's new tab system sucks I have the 56 Promo, there isn't a plan that would benefit me more than what I have currently. I just agree with Jonathan. You should be able to stay on the old system if you wanted to (10% of your bill). . I've honestly loved Koodo and spoke wildly about it to my friends. That'll have to end. They've been awful to pre-existing clients.
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Yeah, Koodo's new tab system sucks Yea people on old plans should be allowed to get the 10% off BYOD discount and then get the new tab.
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Yeah, Koodo's new tab system sucks If you speak widely about Koodo hopefully you've been able to take advantage of the "Refer A Friend" program. Everytime you refer a client to Koodo they'll give you a $25 Tab credit. 
Yeah, Koodo's new tab system sucks Haha. Yet another fail. I tried that last winter with one of my friends, the program was 'non operational' at that time. I didn't care all that much, but it adds to the heap of broken promises.
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Yeah, Koodo's new tab system sucks If you leave I hope you find something better.  Make sure you compare apples to apples and price it out over a 2 year period.
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I'd have less of an issue with their payment model if it wasn't a mandatory switch. I understand their logic of showing costs, but it doesn't help old customers at all. No matter how you slice it, they pay more per month to upgrade now than they used to. I think people on the old Tab system should continue to stay with the old Tab system and new customers take the new one. But it's too late for that now...
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Christal, It was the CRTC that changed the law and forced Koodo to change all the tab systems and pricing to what it is today. The CRTC said no more 3 year plans, leaving Koodo no choice, but to raise prices to get back its money in 2 years - instead of 3 years under the old system. Thanks to the CRTC this is the new normal, reality.
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Here's the bottom line of all of this.
When your preferred tab structure was still around, all the competitors cost the exact same as Koodo.
Now that it works like this, All the competitors are still the same price.
Price has never been a [b]big differentiator for Koodo.
It's the customer service and the reliable network, which is still the case.

Koodo makes no money off the phones themselves. That $15 a month you have to pay extra, is never going anywhere. It might be worded differently to appear cheaper like it was in your older plans, but the phones need to be paid for. Now that the canadian dollar is so crap, it's been expensive to get into premium handsets. 

You've been with Koodo for so long, and I'm sure that's not only because of how they worded their plan structure. 
They treat customers good.
I would suggest sticking with it.

I'd even suggest buying a phone straight out and not changing your plan if you're so happy with it.
Canadians are moving away from the subsidized purchase model and are bringing their own devices more and more often, which is why you see companies really pushing the BYOD plans.

Just some food for thought.