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I'm in France, I've added international texting and I still cannot send or receive SMS texts.

I'm in France and I've added International Texting - I've waited a couple of days and I'm still unable to send or receive SMS texts. I read that I need International Roaming to be able to make the add-on work, but when I try to add it, I get the message, 'no financial data'. Koodo has had no problem taking my monthly payment, so I'm at a loss about what to do now.

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@Therese, looking at your account everything seems fine. Could you try putting your iPhone on airplane mode for 15 sec and back? Sometimes that can help refresh settings and connections to networks.  Let us know if that fixes things. 
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If not, you can always try a full restart of the phone if Bernard's suggestion doesn't work.
Hi Bernard,
It worked! Thanks so much.
I didn't see Robert's response prior to my last post, so to be clear, I just switched airplane mode on and off, and that worked. Thanks again.