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I'm in an LTE zone, but no LTE on my iPhone 5?

I live in Vancouver BC (delta/new west area) and my LTE signal is a mess. I've checked the coverage map for where I live and travel everyday, and I'm surrounded by 4G LTE coverage up, down, left and right but I don't receive it when I'm at home(in delta) or school(in new west). However, I do receive 4G LTE connectivity when I drive there and back on the highway.. At home and school I am only connected to 3G and have good bars throughout the day, almost full. Am I in dead zones or what? It says I'm fully covered. Help! If there is a Koodo rep or someone with a lot of knowledge about this type of situation, please reply ASAP!

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It sure sounds like those are dead areas... you might need to call Koodo (*611) to ask about the reception at your exact location, I guess they could tell you for sure!
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I have a similar issue, when I'm in any buildings (other than downtown) I do not get LTE speeds (and even outside at home I only get 2-6 mbps download). I've experienced the same issue with both an iPhone 5 and a Z10. I called a while ago, logged a ticket, they said it's resolved... no better. I dunno what to offer other than does LTE work outside of your buildings or just when you're inside?
All I've experienced since I got my iPhone 5 is 3G connection and the odd LTE connection while I was driving, but as I near my house or school, the connection gets lost and flicks back to 3G. I called Koodo today and asked about the issue, they told me to visit a kiosk and have them check it out for me, and if there were any unresolved issues to have them call the HQ and they'll figure something out. I'm hopefully going tomorrow if not, later this week and I'll let you know what they say!
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Depends on the area. I can get LTE fairly consistently in London, Ontario but mine's always turned off to save battery.
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Bear in mind that Koodo uses LTE for data and 3G for voice, if LTE is available in given area when you use Data on LTE phones you'll see LTE on top of screen, as soon as you receive a call LTE sign is replaced by 3G sign.
I understand that, but on the website it shows that I'm completely surrounded and then more, with LTE connectivity at home and school, but I don't receive any LTE connection unless I drive somewhere. I only receive 3G where ever I am, and not LTE.
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Bran Don wrote:

I understand that, but on the website it shows that I'm completely surrounded and then more, with...

Hey Bran, I recommend calling our Technical Support for assistance with this. Call them from another phone so the cell phone is free for troubleshooting. You can call 1-866-995-6636 and select Option 6 to speak to a Tech Support Agent 🙂.