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I'll be travelling for a year. How do I keep my number at minimal charge?

I'll be travelling for a year.  I will purchase a SIM card in a different country so I won't need to use Koodo's SIM card.  But how do I keep my Canadian phone number at minimal charge so when I come back I can use the same number?

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Absolute cheapest way is to port it to a VoIP service. VoIP.ms is often mentioned here, with a cost of $0.85 per month for some locations. Your next best bet is to port it to Telus prepaid for $100 per year (about $8.50/month). To stay with Koodo, either port to Koodo prepaid ($15/month), or choose the cheapest voice & text plan.
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Koodo has a seasonal hold for $15/month but I think the maximum it lasts is either 6 or 9 months
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Depending on how long you are away, Speak Out from 7-11 is inexpensive to keep a line open for up to a year.

Note that if you port out or choose a seasonal hold, when you return you will need to choose an in-market plan
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what dfbutt said.  That way, you can also receive calls on your old number on your laptop, have them go to voicemail, or forward the calls to your local number at a minimal cost.