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i just went to walmart and they dont sell anymore the Prepaid Sim cards where can i get one

Prepaid Sim Card , i was at walmart and they said the pulled out the Prepaid Sim cards i have my ipahone i want to use its unlocked but i want th eprepaid $15 unlimited texting plan nothing for over $30 month by month . Where can i get a prepaid sim card in nova scotia it tells me telus store and superstores but u cant get any around here at them stores

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if you check out the koodo mobile website they will point you in the direction to the closest koodo location to grab a prepaid sim to get you going.
i cant get anywhere on this site about the located it tells me places around here in our area but you go there they dint have any or tell u that the prepaid cards was pulled out

[b]Hello Matthew, I can recommend you to call the stores before going there. Regards, hope you joing koodo soon.
yes i guess that be a good idea lol

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Best Buy also carries Koodo phones. I would phone first. Do you have a mall nearby with a Koodo kiosk?
no i dont everything is about 2 h away
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You are wasting your time with any retailers other than official Koodo stores (Best Buy, Walmart, etc.) The independent retailers have not carried the prepaid SIMS for a long time, since they are not a big profit item, and Koodo is too stubborn to offer them online, even to existing clients with a proven track record. Call ahead and make sure they are in stock, but don't expect a quick callback from, their voicemail.

They are available from time to time on ebay.ca. Make sure you know exactly the model you need. I wasted 2 hours last summer driving to and from the Koodo boutique only to have them ready to send me off with the wrong model until I insisted they open the back of the phone and check the fit.
Yes thanks so much someone else told me to check ebay and i actually found one. Thanks everybody cant wait to activate it