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I just bought a 700$ Ipod touch

Ive had an Iphone 4 for 2 years and used it everyday in my home and it had excellent service and recently switched to the Iphone 5 and cant use it at ALL in my house because it has no signal ive had it 25 days and not only is koodo charging me full price for no service but because I will have to replace the phone with a new phone and pay 490$ to end the contract on top of the 200$ I paid at the time of purchase so basically im out 700$ and have no phone.. Im extremely disappointed that once again ive been ripped off.. I guess I should've known any company associated with telus will rip you off

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do you call apple ?
You should call Koodo or Apple to know if it's something wrong with your iPhone or something not properly working on the iPhone 5 with the Koodo's network which would be surprising, but still possible.
What area do you live in? Did you use Koodo when you had the Iphone 4? If not what carrier did you use? If you did use Koodo before, something is probably wrong with your device, you would have to go to apple and get it replace/ or fixed.
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Hi Hayley, sorry to hear you're having troubles with your new iPhone... as others recommend you really should contact Koodo and/or Apple to sort out your problem. It's not a matter of Koodo ripping you off, but if you don't tell them something is wrong, they are not going to contact you... that's they way it works 😉
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If the phone was not working properly since the beginning, why waiting that long? 25 days is a lot of time to report that something is going on with your phone when there is a 14 days Money Back Guarantee... I think it is not a rip off unless you tell us that you reported all this on time and the company never did anything for you, and still like that, I am pretty sure Koodo will always find a solution...