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i havent used my prepaid sim for a while now and its past the renewal date how can i resume service

  • 29 April 2016
  • 2 replies

i stopped  using my koodo prepaid sim a whie ago (not up to 90 days) and since i didnt have automatic top up the line went inactive now i want to resume usage and i cant seem to log in to self serve to top up how can i do this 

2 replies

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Maybe try resetting your password. Or ur self serve account was closed do to inactivity. You may have to contact koodo to get it set up again. I'm not 100% current on pre paid info so I'm not sure.
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Hey Samuel! If you pop in the SIM into your phone and dial *611, option 1 is to top-up your account. You can then add funds with a credit card or by using a voucher. Hope this helps!