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I have to suspend the services for 2 months

But the problem is that I changed my phone and downgraded the plan last week. I had to get a new one because it's got the crack on the screen. I'm leaving in just a few days. Is it actually possible to make a hold for 2 months even though I just had a new plan?

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You can only change your plan once in a billing cycle so I'm not sure if you'll be able to through self serve or not but Just visit selfserve and try Just click the "Plan" tab then choose the "change my plan" link You'll see the seasonal hold listed there. If it doesn't allow for it you might be able to call and get the change done there. Keep in mind that you will need to choose a different plan that's available at the time of your reactivation after the seasonal hold.
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Hi Minji! If you haven't been able to do the change on your Self Serve or have yet to get in touch with us about adding the Seasonal Hold plan, you can also contact us through our Facebook or Twitter pages so that we can assist you with your request :)