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I have not received email confirmation of purchase made over 24 hours ago.

Is there a way to access your order through your account in self serve to make sure that it went through?  I am trying to figure out if it all was successful.  I didn't copy down the confirmation number because I assumed the email would come through.  Usually confirmation emails comes through within 5 minutes.  I ordered my phone over 24 hours ago. I have left a message with the automated system and I have emailed the webstore.

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Hi Cheryl - have you checked your spam/junk folder to make sure the confirmation and shipping email didn't get filed incorrectly? I can confirm that I see an order placed for a Rose Gold iPhone 6S yesterday and everything seems to be processed correctly. You should get your order within a few business days. 
I have checked all my folders. 😞  Thank you for confirming for me! Seems odd that it hasn't come through!