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I have an Iphone 4s brand new, never activated, I want to use with chater

I have an iPhone 4 phone that I received as payment for a service rendered, my customer has informed that is with Koodo, and it was never been activated, nor used, I want to give it to my daughter, she broke her phone and it is with another carrier, Do I need to unlock? If so, where do I go?

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Hi Frank, Yes the phone will need to be unlocked. Koodo will only unlock phones after 90 days of your account being used and in good status, Therefor, Koodo will not unlock it for you in this situation. You can try any other third party retailer in your local mall to see if they want to unlock it for you. Hope this helps!
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If she is with Telus, it doesn't need to be unlocked. If she's with any other carrier, she needs to get it unlocked. Do YOU have a Koodo account? If so, you can unlock it for her through Koodo by call *611 from your Koodo phone and paying the $35 fee. Otherwise, your only other option would be to go to a 3rd party service either online or one of those cell phone fixing/accessory stores/booths in malls
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It will also work on Public Mobile without unlocking
We do not have a Koodo account. Thank you for your advise!