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I have an iPhone 4S and would like to upgrade to the iPhone 5s.

  • 27 September 2015
  • 2 replies

I have an iPhone 4S and would like to upgrade to the iPhone 5s. I currently have a Tab Medium plan and would still like to keep it. Is this possible and how much would it cost me to upgrade/trade-in my phone?

2 replies

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Hello Misbah.

There's different factors to take into consideration when you upgrade. 

Are you on the new tab or old tab? Do you still have a negative tab from the 4S?
If you're on the old one, you would need to pay the phone full price.
If you're on the new one, you can keep your plan and decide how much $$ you want to put towards your tab.
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Just to clarify. If you're still carrying a tab balance on the 4s you can either pay that off or pay full price for the 5s. Shoukd you decide to pay off your old tab or if you no longer have a negative tab balance. You may use a tab for up to 360$ towards your new phone. Koodo also offers a tab plus at 500$ but you'd need to change your plan to use it. If you currently have a positive tab balance, that positive amount will be credited towards your new phone. You can trade in your 4s for some credit towards your purchase but honestly you may do better selling it outright on Kijiji, eBay, or even Facebook. I can't give you a value for your 4s because a rep needs to give it a once over and determine its condition. Either way you can keep your plan if you want to. Just a heads up that Koodo changed the way that tabs work and they no longer contribute to your tab balance each month. This means that you now must repay whatever you borrow from Koodo over the next 24 months.