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I have added an unlimited local in-coming call svc. during the billing cycle but a full-month was charged. What should I do?

I have added a value-added svc (unlimited local in-coming call) during the billing cycle (about 1 week remaining) but a full-month price has been charged. When I added the svc, I saw the message on the screen saying that I would be charged approx. $ 3.3 for this month, but instead I got $13. I'll appreciate any help, advice. Thanks!

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Of course you're going to be charged for a whole month, you get charged for the whole month for your plan. What you're experiencing is proration, $3 is from the day you added it until the end of your cycle and then $10 for a full month, hence $13. Does that clear things up?:)
Oh, that's how it works... Well i have to say it makes sense. Thank you very much for the help!