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i have a new phone number that cant sign into becuase my other 4 numbers are at my self serve - how do i get to the other number

i have a new phone number that i haveto wait 3 months before being able to group it with my existing 4 other numbers and i cannot access it through self serve becuase i sel servre directs me to my other 4 munbers

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I’m not understanding what you mean. Usually, a line is added to an existing account, or a new account is created, even if held by the same owner. If I recall, these would likely be separated by the email address used during the set up phase. Can you provide more detail?
yes its a different account number but I have no idea where to go to log out of my existing account number with my other 4 lines and log in with the other account number...and where do I access the page to link accounts , change profile etc.? how do I get there directly?
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To link accounts you need to call Koodo. 

To log out