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I don't have enough money to pay my bill

I've been having some employment issues an it's been getting harder for me to pay my phone bill , I have been puting about 50-100 on my bill but the last few months I haven't been able to pay an this month my bill is out ragious , but I don't have that amount to pay I also have other things that I need to pay so I can't put my check to my bill I don't know what to do I need my phone to make appointments and things what can I do ?

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Well thank you for taking responsibility and making an effort by being honest about your situation.

To prevent your phone line from being cut off and having that horrible reconnection fee on top of your bill, I highly recommend calling Koodo (*611 on your koodo cell - it's a free call) and let them know you will be late with your bill and arrange for payment at a later date.
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You also mentioned that your bill is outrageous...check out your bill summary and compare it to the plans available. You may be on the wrong plan and switching to a better plan may save you money.
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@ Salina, indeed your current bill is high because of the accumulation of months of invoices that were missed. I would suggest to contact us asap and make a payment arrangements so it will not jeopardize your personal credit rating and become a bigger issue later. Dial #123 and listen to the prompts relating to payments.  
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Seems I can't private message you Salina. I had an idea that may help. Unrelated to Koodo service so I didn't want to post it here. 🙂
My bill is high because I had made changes to my account twice plus I have few late charges , now that my phone is cut off how can I turn it back on I need my phone for my appointments
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Salina Helmus wrote:

My bill is high because I had made changes to my account twice plus I have few late charges , now...

Did you follow@Bernard's advice?