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I'd like to upgrade to the iPhone 5c without paying $125. Telus is offering the 5c for $0, will Koodo match this?

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Well, if you take the Tab L, you will pay $0 upfront. BUt, you will need a Tab L plan which start $70/mo minimum plus $10/mo tab fee. I don't think it's worth to do this. Add: You can take the Tab M. Yes, you have to pay $125 upfront, but you can take any plan you want and it will save you money at the end.
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Yeah, Telus's plans are the same with Rogers or Bell: lower price upfront but more expensive plans ($80+). The difference with Koodo is you have the option of paying more upfront to get a cheaper plan whereas they won't. Trust me, you'll want to pay $125 upfront to keep a Koodo plan because the difference in price alone could end up costing 3 or 4 times the amount you initially save over 2 years.
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Koodo is already matching it by offering it for $0 on the Tab L, which is the equivalent of a plan you'd get at Telus! Hop on over to your nearest Koodo store or retail location to grab this deal! If you meant you wanted it for $0 on whatever plan you want, that's not how it works and doesn't work like that on Telus either