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I'd like to set up my voicemail, but I don't want to record my message, how do I set it up so then it just automatic with my number?

  • 22 October 2016
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I don't want to record my own message, I just want the standard automatic voicemail. I recorded my name and it keeps saying record your message, and I don't want that.

3 replies

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Finish setting it up...then go back through the greeting options until you find the standard Greetings and choose that.
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[b]Delete recorded name From the Main Menu, select: Personal Options - option 4. To modify your Personal Preferences, press 4, to access your Recorded Name, press 3. To delete your Recorded Name, press 3. [b]Setup System Greeting In order to create a system greeting, simply record a short message, it doesn't have to be a greeting, just make a recording of whatever for at least 10 seconds, then tap the # symbol to end recording. From the Main Menu, press 3 to manage your Greetings. To manage your Personal Greetings, press 1. To record a Personal Greeting, press 3. To record greeting 1, press 1. Begin recording at the tone, when finished press #. To return to the previous menu, press * (star). To activate a Personal Greeting, press 1. To activate Greeting 1, press 1. To return to the previous menu, press * (star). At this point, you should hear the option; "to use a System Greeting, press 6". When you select that option, your 'active recording' will be replaced with a system greeting. The old active recording is stored on the voicemail server. To delete the recording permanently, you'll have to go back into the Personal Greetings menu to delete it.